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do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself?

if there is a flaw in chess as a game of war, it is this. 
unlike war, the rules of chess are constant; 
the pieces - unchangeable. 

you'll never win the heart of a rook or the mind of a knight.
they are deaf to your arguements. 
and so be it. 

the goal of a chess game is total annihilation. 
but in war, even as the blood beats in your ears 
and you race after your enemy, 
there is the hope that saner minds than yours 
will stop you 
before you reach your target. 

in war, 
unlike chess, 
rules can be changed. 
truces can be called. 
the greatest of enemies can become the best of friends.

in war there is hope. 

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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