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    when I die

    and realize
    that I am born again

    for dying is
          a begining
          and I
                    have died
                                 thousands of times

                                 several times a day
I am learning
that from each death
   comes a new vision
of life
    a new sense of the miracle
    of being and creation
for fear
    Is worse than dying
fear prevents discovery
   and destroys the creative flow
   of God-man's soul
and when I let my old self
  hardened and rigid
I am re-born
   vital, open and fresh
and this discovery
   this victory over the
                      fear of death
when I thought I was dead
  and found you
each time
I rise
out of the ashes
of my fear
I will gratefully
                                  think of you

Leonard Nimoy, Will I think of you?

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